Jeremy and Dawn

Essex 24 Valor

Chosen graphic

In Production

Color in the video is off dont worry, its not beige.

Looks like a mess, but these guys are 30 year pros. The best! I couldnt do it.

Looks Great ! Came out awesome.

Its not as dark as this picture. The last picture is better lighting. You'll love it

Don't worry, this is not your trailer. Its for transportation

Yea! Lookin good. 

Ok, First things first. 


Just to ease the concern

Upholstery below

Rounding the bend

As for the delivery date being as we originally estimated, it looks good. I am so hesitant about giving hard dates but we are trying to have you ready for next Friday.  Again not for sure but it appears to be on track for next week, end of the week. We will know better on Wednesday or Thursday of next week. We will contact you as soon as we firm that up.

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Ready for delivery

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Time to go boating

Completion day