Essex creates every boat with the kind of care one would have in building their own boat. From the fiberglass to the finishing touches, Essex takes custom boat building to a whole new level.

With over 20 years of boat building experience Essex remains consistent in producing product well above the industry standards. Take the hull structure, using vinyl ester resin will create a more consistent fiberglass layup that offers less cosmetic transfer. This process offers a more consistent part, maintaining a straight, long lasting product aiding in the well known Essex gelcoat finish. This shows clearly in Essex used products. Just look at most used Essex boats, some exceeding 20 years old, just observe the overall showroom finish.

Yes, Essex customers usually take great care of their boats and that is important. With the Essex quality construction combined with responsible maintenance you can clearly see your investment standing proud throughout the test of time. 

People often ask how does Essex maintain that certain glow to their boats even years down the road? Much of the reason was just described but the cosmetic touch of the Essex gelcoat process gives the finished product its vibrant rich exterior.

The Essex gelcoat process is second to none. This special gelcoat procedure is a unique well proven technique with alterations made only once proven to meet our stringent guidelines. This mastered gelcoat technique coupled with our top grade hull construction creates a powerful combination resulting in the Ultimate finished product. 

As for the assembly of the Essex boat we use only the top grade hardware tested for longevity and integrity so your boat looks great not just off the showroom floor but well into the future. To rig an Essex takes a bit more time than most, because the Essex technicians assembling the dash, installing the motor and drive are encouraged to build the Essex as if they were building their own dream boat. The experienced Essex team takes a serious unwavering dedication toward the creation of this esteemed hand crafted product. 

The Essex upholstery is styled for comfort, looks and above all structural integrity.  

Essex upholstery is created with double stitched seating, 3 lb. foam and top quality

marine grade vinyl  all  coordinated elegantly to finish the richest look in marine

upholstery to date.

If you had to state one thing that seperates Essex from the crowd, it would be the

pride and devotion the Essex team has toward the lost art of hand crafted mastery.

This devotion resonates throughout every boat produced and delivered 

to each and every one of our respected customers.

Creation of an Essex