The technician will go over your new boat, explaining functions and providing service tips. If you are buying the boat with your family or another party, they are encouraged to be present during this time.


The ride of an Essex boat is a ride that the whole family can enjoy...NOW, AND FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS.

Essex Boat Production

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Essex Factory Information


Painting your new Essex is quite a bit different from painting a car or a house. Whereas in those cases the painting is done after the product is complete, on a custom Essex boat the paint is laid down during production


First, the mold is "taped off" - the desired graphic is drawn with tape, covering the mold in layers. This allows the painter to pull the tape and expose the mold for the next color. How the mold is applied is critical; mistakes in the taping process can result in Gelcoat flaws that may not be repairable until after the hull is out of the mold.


The lamination used in an Essex Boat is unique to the industry. Essex recently sent a sample of the hull to a shooting range to test its strength and durability against a nine millimeter bullet shot at point blank range. The bullet is lodged in the sample shown to customers visiting the Essex showroom, proving the Essex hull is literally bulletproof.


Though it is not one of the more glamorous aspects of the manufacturing process, lamination makes up most of the actual boat. Yet it is in this precise area that many boat manufacturers cut corners. 


After the hull is complete, it must be cured in the mold. There are many myths regarding how long this curing period should be, and there is no single answer. The types of resins used and how the hull is catalyzed both determine the time needed for curing.


A wedge is driven between the mold and the hull to pull the hull from the mold. The deck and bottom are then hoisted out of the mold and ground to be level in order to aid in the bonding process. The deck is then flipped over and fitted to the bottom. After the deck is securely fastened, it is then bonded with fiberglass from the inside around the full radius of the hull. This results in twice the holding power of a conventional bonding process.


Every boat at Essex is "color sanded." Unlike regular sanding, color sanding is done wet. Using water results in a much finer finish with little or no scratches, which in turn allows you to sand out even minor imperfections and results in a truer finish.


After sanding, the hull is buffed out. Of course, the buffing process differs between manufacturers, and like them we keep our techniques a secret. What matters is the end result - a finish with a brilliant glow and depth that is unmatched.


The unique design of the interior is an Essex trademark. Plush, full bodied seating including three pound foam support gives you a soft comfortable feel. Heavy gauge marine vinyl is mended together with a French double stitch - the same kind of stitching used in a baseball - because it gives a more durable hold throughout.


The seats are completely resin sealed and the seat cushions are made of a pressure-formed polymer that eliminates the rotting common to older boats. This material will never rot. Though the cost of the material is close to ten times the cost of marine plywood, the longevity it brings your boat is well worth it in the long run.


After the upholstery is installed, our cleaning crew details the boat inside and out, placing the trailer under the boat and giving it the finishing touches. Though this may seem like an easy task, we take an entire day to ensure that everything is perfect, and done to Essex Standards.


Throughout the building process each boat is inspected and signed off before the next stage of the process can begin.


The final inspection is done by our Customer Service Manager. This final inspection involves closely looking over the boat and trailer for problems that may have occurred during the building process, and to make sure that the customer receives all of the products on the purchase order - We pride ourselves on our Service and Quality of Craftsmanship. After the inspection, our sales clerk will make delivery arrangements with you.