Hi Steve,


I want you to know that my whole experience from purchasing my boat in 2003, then consigning it to you in 2015 has been excellent! 


For 12 years of ownership my 2003 Laser 23 Apex has given me and my family many years of boating and memories of a life time up and down the Colorado River.  We've also taken the boat to Lake Powell and as far north as Lake Orville. The boat has been extremely reliable on every occasion. Your service department has done a great job in keeping my boat well maintained and trouble free.


When it was time to sell you where there for us. The consignment of my boat was worry free.  I didn't have to entertain anyone at my residence and wait around for any no shows.  You sold my boat quickly within a week and mailed me a check for the agreed price. Your honesty and trustworthiness of this transaction is priceless.


I'd like to say to you and your company how completely satisfied I am of having to own a Laser boat.  



Mark Galves

Rich and Donna Testa

Hey guys


 I just wanted you guys to know I couldn't be happier with my Essex 27 Raven. It's not often you get more than you expected. Buying your products always turns out that way. This boat gets a lot of attention. I cant believe how smooth and solid a ride it is. Im sure this will be my last boat. But then again I said that about my 22 Vortex I traded in. I did own the Vortex for over 10 years it was like a part of the family. But make way for bigger and better. Both of these boats are incredible. Thanks again for what you do.

Kurt & Kim Moss

Hey Steve


Kim and I just love our 22' Vortex. We have owned other manufacturer boats but agree our Essex is one of the best boats out there today!!  We look forward to upgrading to the 28 Fusion in the next year. We have had so much fun on Lake Mead with our Vortex! Nothing compares to a day on the water in our Essex with our family and friends.  


Tim and Veda Gates.

"There are no words to express how much we love our boat"

Dear Ron and Steve,

We recently came home from our second trip to the river. We thought our first trip was great. However we feel this time we better make sure I get this note off to the two of you. There are no words to express how much we love our boat. She is beautiful. Her performance is outstanding and the ride, well there are no words. No matter whether we are on the road or on the water we are proud to be the owners of an Essex boat. People stare. People will drive by our camp site to look and talk to us about our boat. I thought nothing could compare to the ride our Sea Ray gave us but our Essex is like being in a Cadillac and riding on a cloud. "Pure heaven."

We want to thank you both for your professionalism and courteous manner in dealing with the sale, handling and the delivery of our boat. We thank you for making our boating experience such a wonderful pleasure. We also want to thank you for making us part of the Essex family.

Tim and Veda Gates.


Efren & Lori Salgado

24' Valor Purchase

Dear Essex

It has been almost a year since we purchased our new Essex boat. I just want to express to you and the Essex family what a great experience the whole process has been.The boat has been everything you guys said it would be. This past summer was absolutely awesome, we made four trips to the river and we were completely blown away with how well our Valor handled in the water. I do have to say that my wife and I were a bit worried that we would not get the same handling from our new purchase as we did from our old boat. However, our new Essex completely surpassed our expectations and more, it not only handled better, but we were amazed at how well our Valor cut through the rough chop we experienced one day coming across Cottonwood Cove. All we can say is WOW! I just want to acknowledge how professional you guys have been from the very beginning, and continue to be. In this day and age It is very difficult to find a company that goes out of its way to meet all of its customers demands - even after the sale has been closed. I would gladly recommend Essex to anyone who is looking to buy from a company that takes a great deal of pride in building a superior boat.


Efren & Lori Salgado


Tony Masone

Second Time Buyer

Dear Amy, Jason, and Ron,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you and the rest of the staff for the great effort that was given in the construction of our new boat. Two years ago when we purchased our first ESSEX, you made the whole process enjoyable and you did everything you said you would do and completed on time. When it came time to build again and move up, I knew again ESSEX would come thru.

Amy, thanks for all your input on the sale to design of the boat. Your valued opinions help make the interior of the boat look one of a kind. I know this design was more involved than the first boat we built and required much more design and coordination during the construction phase, you handled it great, even with my hard driving persistence, you took everything in stride and with a smile.

From the test drive to delivery, Jason you always gave me the time to answer my questions and make me feel important. I know things were crazy in the last week for delivery on our boat, but you pulled it thru and delivered on time. Thanks.

Ron, thanks for the way you stepped up on certain command decisions from when the boat came out of the mold to the stereo. You truly make the customer feel that you care about them and their boat.

I know we will enjoy this second boat just as much if not more than our first ESSEX, but most importantly, we will be happy to tell anyone who asks, that ESSEX is a quality boat built by quality people who care.

Thanks Again,
Tony Mason



Wayne Byerly

24' Valor Owner


Dear Ron,

The purpose of this letter is to share the recent experience I had with your company when I purchased my new Essex 24' Valor. As a consumer, I feel obligated to report problems and dissatisfaction directly to the boss. However, in this case I am equally obligated to report outstanding service and product excellence.
My Essex Valor is the result of a long line of choices you have made as a business owner. You could have easily cut corners with plastic battery boxes or used just a single piston for the electronic engine-hatch. The gauges and controls did not have to be gaffrig and the hardware throughout the boat did not have to be stainless or billet. The collective result of many small choices is reflected in the quality of the one final product. The Essex Valor is a first class boat with an abundance of obvious craftsmanship and quality too numerous to list. Every employee I dealt with at Essex was professional and courteous. However, there were some specific employees that I request you recognize for their benchmark customer service and noteworthy commitment to Essex quality.

Amy in sales is the consummate professional. Her patience and understanding proved invaluable considering my daily phone calls and weekly visits. The stress associated with such a significant purchase can be more demanding on the salesperson than on the customer. Amy met these demands with great success and made me feel like I was her top priority. Abe in service assisted me with the pre-delivery inspection, and later fielded several of my phone calls about service and maintenance issues. His obvious commitment to service made me recall when I purchased my last boat. The only person I dealt with was the salesman and the dealership acted as if it was rude for a customer to talk directly to one of their technicians. Not true at Essex. Abe's combination of product knowledge and excellent people-skills made it obvious that I was a member of the entire Essex family. Before the shine and fanfare of the finished product, Jim in the paint shop started my Valor off with a flawless paint and graphic application. His skill and attention to detail are what elevated the boat from "custom" to "work of art" status. His hard work and dedication are celebrated in the ongoing collection of compliments I receive about the boat. I am a satisfied customer and will respond accordingly when asked about my Essex Valor. Thanks to you and your staff, I have a beautiful boat that I look forward to enjoying for many years to come.

Sincerely, Wayne Byerly






Kirk & Julie Richmond and family

"This boat is awesome!!"


Dear Steve,

We just wanted to say thank you for all of the time you spent with us helping with our new boat purchase. As I'm sure you have figured out during our Saturday visits to your facility, we leave no stone unturned investigating major purchases.

During our investigation process, we visited what we felt were all of the major players in the So. Cal. Custom boat manufacturing arena. We were able to tour most of their manufacturing facilities, and in the end were most impressed with yours! The work your upholstery group did to add the wake board pole through the back seat (after the seats were already made) was very impressive.We took our boat out on Sunday for the first time.

We were a little nervous as we had not test driven one of your boats prior to purchasing from you, but any concerns we had were gone within the first 5 minutes. This boat is awesome!! I have been in quite a few traditional ski boats over the years (my last boat prior to buying an ocean boat was a 191/2' Commander), and they all had the same style rides – loud and rough. Our new boat was like driving a Cadillac! Even in pretty rough water it held firm. With the 502 and headers, it was amazingly quiet! The wind created more conversational barriers than the motor. Several other boaters that wanted to let us know they thought the graphics on our boat were beautiful approached us.

The only drawback we can find is having to wait until the motor is broke in to see what it will really do! After running it yesterday, I am convinced it will do high 60's no problem, but Kirk thinks he's going to need that Whipple supercharger in the future (he's already marked a few of competitor's boats that need some Essex education!).

We firmly believe that after all that we learned (and experienced first hand), We could have purchased a less expensive boat, but not a better built one!!

Again, thank you so much for making this purchase so enjoyable and easy. Our family eagerly looks forward to many years of enjoyment with our new Essex!

Best regards,

Kirk & Julie Richmond and family





Kevin Spaise

Hot Boat Magazine

"Thanks for building a great boat, and for the excellent service."


To the Essex team:

I just wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed my Essex during the past two years. It's been a quality experience from beginning to end. I've boated more with it than with any boat I've owned previously, and tell you with all sincerity that it approaches perfection in every regard.

Thanks for building a great boat, and for the excellent service. I'm an Essex fan for life!


Kevin Spaise
Editor at Large
Hot Boat Magazine